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So Your Kid Wants a Phone…

“Everybody has one…I can’t text and everyone else can…everybody is on Instagram!” I’m No Contract Phones - Moefonesure if you have teens or tweens you have heard all the reasons why they need a phone. As a parent of teenagers, I was not about to pay $100+ a month so that they could send the latest picture of a cat wearing a hat to their friends or so that they could talk about their favorite frozen yogurt.

No Contract Phones

It has No Contract - Moefonebeen almost one year since we gave our 12 year old twins their first cell phones and we have not paid a dime for their contracts. The knowledge we have acquired will make the wireless phone companies cringe and bring a smile to all of our visitors that are considering giving phones to their kids this year.

Free Phone Service for Kids

If you’re a kid and you have been begging your parents for a phone we will give you all the information you need to get your parents to consider buying a phone for you. By using a Wifi connection all smart phones are able to connect to the internet and many apps are available there that will bring your phone up to speed. We will show you what we have learned and in doing so, we will give you a strong case to present to your parents for getting your first phone.

Low Cost Phones

CellPhone - MoeFone

We have also researched the best places for low cost handsets. While they are not the latest releases, they still offer all the power and options a kid would need for a first or second phone. The low cost will make the phone easy to replace should bad fortune happen to the handset.

Prepaid Phone Plans

Finally we review the latest prepaid phone plans and look at annual cost comparisons. If you are ready to move on from no contract phones and you are in the market for a plan, these plans will ease you in without the sticker shock of limited & unlimited plans from Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint.

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