Free Phone Apps – The Essentials for the First Phone

My Kids have been using their phones with no contracts for nearly a year now and here are the free phone apps that they have downloaded to their phones and use regularly. They rate each of them and offer a short description for each. Click on the icon for a more in depth review.

Google Play - MoeFone Phone Apps
Google Play
Google play is the main application you will need to search, find and download all the Apps you find here. Most App developers make their apps available here and it will often me a part of the phone's ROM.
Google's email application is the #1 email in the world today. It is easy and useful for communication. It is also needed to have a Google account which allows access to their Apps.

Gmail - MoeFone Free Phone Apps

TextFree - MoeFone Free Phone Apps
TextFree Unlimited is incredibly easy to use, and it provides unlimited free texting. There is no charge to pick your own area code. TextFree Unlimited does not support group texting but we can live with that.
Text Now
Textnow Unlimited SMS is a full featured unlimited text messaging app and it uses both 3G and WiFi as its vehicle of transfer. These are free and inexpesive ways for smartphone owners to text.

Text Now - MoFone Free Phone Apps

Instagram - MoeFone Free Phone Apps
Instagram (iPhone | Android) is a popular photo and video-sharing app that requires only a couple of touches to produce retro looking projects and then share them with friends and other Instagram members.
Snapchat sets itself apart from other photo and video sharing apps with its unique use of a "self-delete" timer. Each image has a finite lifespan so the images can only be viewed for a few seconds and then they are deleted beyond retrieval.

Snapchat - MoeFone Free Phone Apps

Google Music Manager - MoeFone Free Phone Apps
Google Play Music
Google Play Music has simple setup. All Access subscription lets you listen to any music in Google's large online library. Clear Web player interface. Radio allows unlimited skips and has good taste-prediction.
You Tube
You Tube offers hours of video entertainment. The user can watch any video in the You Tube library and has access to downloads of music that can be turned into MP3s using the video to MP3 application.

YouTube - MoeFone Free Phone Apps

Video to MP3 - MoeFone Free Phone Apps
Video to MP3
Video to MP3 allows the user to download and store music video songs to a file for playback using Google Player. It is a nice way to develop your music media collection on your mobile device.

Changing and Using Free Phone Apps

As you can tell from this list Text, Chat, Pictures, and Music are the order of the day for 13 year olds. what comes next remains to be seen. We will keep you informed about the latest and greatest of the free phone apps that they use.

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